Autumnal Greetings from the Sunray Peace Village

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A summer camper’s comments after spending a weekend at the Peace Village: “ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITELY WONDERFUL!!. Thank you so much for making it available. The beauty, the quiet, the privacy, the soft grass, the Energy — all was very special.”

The camp ground has been put to bed for another year, mirroring the process of Nature – as the energy returns to the roots of the trees and perennials, and wildlife stocks up on food for the cold season.

And we continue our winter activities at the Peace Village – gatherings for Teachings and weekly meditation in the Temple of the Adawees, monthly ceremonial New Moon Fires in the Arbors. Details are available on the Sunray website.

The Temple is available year-round for rentals for weddings and workshops, And everyone is welcome to take a quiet winter snowshoe or cross country ski and enjoy the Silence of winter.

Our monthly operating expenses continue year-round – insurances, propane, snow clearing, electricity, water testing, etc.

Your continuing support is very helpful. Some people share their latte budget with us (ie: monthly donation of $20 in place of one of their regular weekly lattes!). Others send us periodic funds as they can…

See to make a donation. Email with questions.

Thank you all for a great summer!
Bev and Andy and Gemmah