Energy of transformation and awakening permeating everything and everyone

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From Rev. Richard —

The days continue to blaze in the 90’s, while the nights provide some relief. The air remains dense with humidity, here in metro- Boston. No mistaking that many students are returning. Here — it’s part of this seasonal change. Another year of school in the city, increased commerce and much busy-ness. We breathe in the quiet, even as the narrow roadways are crowded with U-hauls and cars. Many more two-legged people walking about or riding bikes — a marked increase in population. After the relative calm of summer.

The leaves on the trees had started turning early — beginning days of August. Ragweed has been making it’s presence known for a couple of weeks or more… Much anticipation with likelihood of an early and snowy winter ahead.

Energy of transformation and awakening permeating everything and everyone.

We offer thanks to the Earth, sacred elements and All our Relations. Grateful for the breath of life. The many lessons that we’ve had and those that will come.

Meditation Circle and teachings continue – monthly- near the new moon beginning on Sept 15 at 7PM. Call Rev Richard — 617 721 4505 or Lucie — 617 787 1989
Information regarding other opportunities to practice together… please be in touch.

There are those in the Boston area that are authorized to teach and/or focalize the Sunray Basic Meditation, Diamond Body practice and Sacred Dances. Tsalagi Healing Ceremony upon proper request.

Ceremonial cycle prayers and celebrations continuing… to be further energized. At the Brookline Reservoir. Contact Tita and/or Carolanne

Sunray Meditation Cards available as well as BirthPath Songs. Contact: Margaret Carol <>

Bronze Clan Poles available. This helps to support our activities, too: Rena Prendergast <>

People currently anticipating traveling to Vermont for PeaceKeeper Teachings Oct 2- 4, 2015 with Ven Dhyani Ywahoo, at the Peace Village:

Recent meeting in Boston with Dr Vicky Guzman, Founder and Director of ASAPROSAR — Rural health organization that serves more that 90, 000 people in El Salvador.

Through the years we have been both proud of and have supported this remarkable woman, Dr Guzman and this organization. Visits to El Salvado by Ven. Dhyani, as well, several years earlier by — Rev. Richard and Lucie, who shared teaching, healing and ceremony in El Salvador and Guatemala, on behalf of the Earth and the People there.

We thank Eloise Clawson, a longtime Sunray practitioner who represents ASAPROSAR in the USA. She has for many years been a major force in supporting these good works and the people, while serving with incredible skill and good heart as an organizational representative, translator and friend.

We continue to provide financial and spiritual support for Tata Ricardo Maye and Nana Juana Escobar, their family…and the Nahuat Pipiles People, El Salvador. We connect through our prayers and through the Sacred Fires with these NA Elders, who have been part of several of our annual Elders Gatherings.

Folks in Boston have come together to help produce a beautiful article about the Peace Village/Odali Utugi that includes an interview and photos of Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo written by Elissa Melaragno along with people from our local community and the good folks of Still Harbor. This also Includes an article on the Sunray Peace Village Clan Pole by Reinhard Reitzenstein. — issue # 3, May 2015

Early in the summer, a diverse group of about 30 people gathered at Still Harbor, in S. Boston for the Ywahoo lineage, Tsalagi Healing Ceremony. As Dr Jeanne Hubbuch and Rev. Richard opened the Healing Baskets. Great light and encompassing love and compassion was generated during a very enlivening ceremony. Transforming and transmuting energies that give rise to violence in the Boston area– energizing seeds of the most Great Peace. That a Time of Peace…. a Crystal City… manifests throughout the Earth and Sky… Resounding in the Hearts of All People…. As we co-create and make real a World of Beauty .. now… and for many generations.

Workshops on the ‘Art of Story Telling’ offered locally by Dr Aziza Bey, Tsalagi. Contact: Aziza Bey <>

Many Boston area folks participated in helping to co-create this past summers Elders Gathering: Heart of Wisdom/ Compassion in Action. Hosted by Ven Dhyani Ywahoo and Sunray Meditation Society, Khenmo Drolma, Vajra Dakini Nunnery, Sunray Peace Village. People came from near and far.

Also participating during this summer’s gathering from the Boston area:

Rena Prendergast and Olivia Cheever who continue to offer support and share their skills related the Sunray Peace Village, Elders Gathering and other projects.

Dr. Rudy Schild and Dr. John Carlton-Foss — where guest presenters this year. As we again, looked at the connections of science and spirituality around the sacred fire in the Arbor, in discussion with HH. Chetsang Rinpoche, beloved Native American Elders and their families, and a wonderful group of Tibetan people, who live in Vermont and as well as many old and new friends, who traveled from more distant locales in order to come together for this remarkable event.

Guy Peartree, focalized this summer’s Children’s Program.

Dr. Seung Lee… generously shared healing and support while being there this summer.

Tibetan Lamas from Drikung Meditation Center, Arlington, MA — Lama Sonam and Khenpo Choepel, who now lives in Pittsburgh.

Rev. Richard served as one of the MC’s, along with Rev. Mary Kitchens, from California, during Elders Gathering and was part of conducting the Tsalagi Healing Ceremony along side Ven. Dhyani and Healing Society practitioners, Dancers, Singers and Drummers and FireKeepers.

Many people from our area helped make this remarkable event happen — through being in the circle around the sacred fire…. Others made contributions of money and time….many who offered helping hands… and importantly by showing- up !!! Thank you all.

The wonderful folks who come for our local meditation circle and all those who really take the teachings to heart and practice, not only when we gather… but also… at home and everywhere they go… during days and nights. Those who’ve been named and those unnamed. Those who are here and those who appear to have gone….

We remember and thank you.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Plans are underway for Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo to visit and teach in Boston during weekend of April, 9-10, 2016.

For those interested and for those who wish to help to make this happen. Please contact: Rev. Richard.

May all recognize and abide in true luminous wisdom nature, as it is — while benefiting Earth and sentient beings…. vast as space — past, present, future in this and all worlds.