Happy New Year from Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

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Venerable Dhyani at Saint John the Divine, 1980
Interdenominational Peace Gathering, Saint John the Divine Cathedral, 1980(?)
Pictured: Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo and Wallace Black Elk, Lakota, (behind VDY) Photo: Margie Joy Walden

The past has manifested the present and together we create the future.

‚ÄčLet us energize, let us visualize a world of harmonious balance and co-operation.
A reminder that each of us may hold a candle to illuminate the night and uncover joy and methods of reconciliation.

This was a gathering at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in NYC, an interdenominational gathering of spiritual beings, indigenous and others from around the world. The call to create beneficial awakening, change and to put aside the divisiveness that conspired to blind people to what they have in common.

It was a time of exploring what we share in common and how our spiritual views ultimately can harmonize into pathways of skillful co-operation.

This gathering included panel discussion on peace making from different religious views, discussing pathways to planetary health and ways we can transform confusion and aggression.

May each hold a candle of discerning observation to see behind appearances, the one truth from whence all arises.

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo