Ywahoo Lineage Healing Ceremony

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northern lightsBy: Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

Ancient Wisdom, Indigenous Healing Arts and Practice carried pristinely to remind each one of the wisdom seed within, the unlimited potential of an open heart and unified mind which recognizes the connection to all living things. A reminder to hear the pulse beat of the earth, our living, breathing mother which nourishes all life on this sacred dance ground so that we may remember the preciousness of the gift of life and human body.

“You are invited, you are welcome, come.

Come with an open heart, with nothing to do but sit and feel the experience and receive the love that is within all things.”

Many walk feeling a searching within, looking for something that they can feel is out there. What is it? Is it not the call to awaken, to realize the direct access to the wisdom stream available within each and every one of us? It does not exist outside, it is not through another we are to find this space. Call it any name you wish, it is the space of universal wisdom, existing within one stream which all share unlimited access to, if only we allow ourselves it. If only we free from the limit, from the views which confine us to something less.

The journey of life is one of self exploration, self healing of the experiences we carry which like ripples on the water keep us in reactive states of mind. For we are asked to polish each experience into the gem of wisdom it is, free of reactive states, thus living in the now, able to be a full expression of the divinity within us, that is available in every moment…the true awakened mind…on a journey of an expression of enlightenment.

Come join us, with open hearts amidst the open sky in this open moment….join us where we practice together, each of us exactly as we are, perfect, honoring our life, experiences and the common bond we all share…the human body and condition. Let us together recognize our gifts, our light and our love where we awaken to the knowledge that has always existed within. Let us together join the hearts that have never been separate by anything other than views of separation as a fabrication of confused mind.

The Healing Ceremony is offered by Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo of the Ywahoo Lineage of the Tsalagi People. A ceremony benefiting every living being as we may all benefit one another, our family, clan, nation, our entire human family and every living being on this planet and beyond through fire, dance, meditation and Indigenous Healing Arts.

Come experience the opportunity to observe, feel and awaken. Witness many minds, hearts and bodies operating as one, Observe the flow of multiple forms and within feel the truth of the one heart and mind simultaneously operating in an ancient ceremony. Feel the luminous vibration as expressed through movement, fire, prayerful song and chants in a deep meditative practice that is dynamically open and moving.

Come with an open heart, with nothing to do but sit and feel the experience and receive the love that is within all things.
You are invited, you are welcome, come.

The ceremony begins at 7:00 PM each Saturday of the Native American Elders Gathering at in the Sacred Arbor at the Peace Village. This ceremony is a gem, openly offered for all to see where it is seldom found in public view. Come early, and find a comfortable place to sit, bring warm clothes and those which may keep you dry. For the work with the earth, the elements and the people mix with fire, water, air, ether and sacred sound out of which brings all that is needed in this moment. This event is offered as a gift to you, to all.

With love and reverence for you, your gifts and your life.