The Heart as a Resonant Capacitor

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Venerable Dhyani presenting a talkTwo students were fortunate to attend the 42nd Annual SSF-IIIHS International Conference in Montreal this past weekend with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, who received a standing ovation for her keynote address. Following Dr. Eben Alexander’s riveting story of his awakening to a new understanding of the brain, mind and consciousness, Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo connected with people’s hearts and pointed the way to fully realizing these new scientific discoveries (which have been understood by mystics for millennia).

Upon Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo’s request, they share their reflections from the weekend below.

The mind is non-local. The non-locality of mind points to the depth of our relationships- we are beyond this body, this vessel, we are beyond our brains, and expand; aware of so much more. The key is being aware through the heart.

Energizing and emulating the ideal. Many are caught in the fear and display. Remembering that we are so much more than the concept of “I”; knowing the limitless potential of what we may co-create, we speak through the heart on many levels while getting work done. Conversing through the heart through subtle communication, the work happens with ease and flow. Attention is on ease, joy and love.

Working from a place beyond fear, beyond the fear of death. We are infinite- so much more than this body. We choose to speak from our wisdom being nature and altruistic motivation. We examine the possibilities. When the awareness is on the field of potential and what we may accomplish together, things actualize in an effortless nature.

My parents met at around the time of Montreal Expo ’67. Visiting the exhibit this weekend and thinking that they and many others held an idealistic perspective of the future of their lives and the world. The age of possibility was the 70s. It was inspiring to see the future possibilities.

That time was the beginning seeds of unity. Now we are in an actualization phase. Even though we appear to be individuated, we are awakening to the understanding of being one human family. The dissonance we see as fear and noise is the compost for the wisdom seed to flourish and grow.

This weekend, our minds sung together with harmony, like pedals and keys playing together on a pipe organ. Things flowed with ease and joy. Resonating with music. Holding skillful compassion for the dissonance- like calling correct micro-aggressions and racism. Being aware of the field of mind, the field of potential is to move through dissonance and static feedback energizing resolution. The skillful way through racism is not to make someone the ‘other’ but to recognize as a human family we are learning to have skillful relations. We all go beyond the “self”. Not “them” and “us”. There is dissonance politically. The volatility of fire can destroy or we can use the fire to build and weave a basket of light around the world. Not making anyone wrong, we choose to energize the ideal.

Sometimes looking back to the 60s and 70s there is a sense of loss of the utopia. Wait! Is it lost? All of the noise is designed to make us feel like it’s lost whereas it’s just noise- contrived feedback loops.

The land of milk and honey exists, just as the immigrants dreamed of when coming here. It’s where we put our attention.

From the Digital Age to the Crystal Age. The crystal of the heart and eye. Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo points us back to the inner crystals and the resonance of our hearts. The Crystal Age is already here. The conversation is all happening in the heart.