Happy New Year from Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

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The past has manifested the present and together we create the future. ​Let us energize, let us visualize a world of harmonious balance and co-operation. A reminder that each of us may hold a candle to illuminate the night and uncover joy and methods of reconciliation. This was a gathering at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in NYC, … Read More

Together We Weave A Cloak of Beauty

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Dear community members, We have much to be grateful for. Sweet water, air, discerning wisdom and tools of realization. There are many ways in which our spiritual practice is applied for the benefit of all beings. Please see attached, an article by Sandy Sheridan, who has been Sunray’s representative at the United Nations NGO Committee on the Rights of Indigenous … Read More

Planting Seeds for Positive Result

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Dear community and fellow human beings, We are in an open moment. Let each one be the ideal that we aspire to, the community we want and to not allow ourselves to be entrapped in the divisive display. It is best for each of us to stand present in the vision of the world we want, rather than to energize … Read More

We are Relatives in the Sea of Life

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Dear friends and community members and human beings of one heart, water, the sweet medicine that nurtures life and reveals our natural wisdom cries out for each person to take a stand. Many from around the world have joined ‘Earth Caretakers’ at Standing Rock North Dakota to restore the resonance of right relationship with the elements and each other through … Read More

Heart Sutra Teaching

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The Heart Sutra is chanted around the world by many Buddhist practitioners, and is the heart essence of Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings. Prajna means supreme wisdom, our true nature. Paramita means beyond or the other shore beyond extremes. Hyrdaya means heart of distilled teachings meaning essence of view, supreme wisdom recognizing the great emptiness. As such it reveals the dream like … Read More

The Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

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We are grateful for this rare visit How are we related? Together like photons dancing through space, loving intelligence is shared through the field of life in which we are united. That is how we are relatives in the dance of life. VDY Saturday, May 21, 2016 1-5pm St. Alban’s Episcopal Church 1501 Washington Ave. Berkeley, CA Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo … Read More

Autumnal Greetings from the Sunray Peace Village

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A summer camper’s comments after spending a weekend at the Peace Village: “ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITELY WONDERFUL!!. Thank you so much for making it available. The beauty, the quiet, the privacy, the soft grass, the Energy — all was very special.” The camp ground has been put to bed for another year, mirroring the process of Nature – as the energy returns … Read More

Gadugi Friends

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Dear Gadugis Friends, What an incredible year at the Peace Village! Venerable Dhyani has taught 2 Peacekeeper weekend Intensives, as well as the 7 day Beauty Way Teachings. The land was blessed with the prayers of HH Chetsang Rinpoche, Ven. Dhyani, Native Elders and approximately 250 participants during the Heart of Compassion. These prayers continue to vibrate throughout the ley … Read More

Fire Burns In Us All

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By Gemmah Stone, Sunray Peace Village Board Member The first and the last thing that I always think of when visiting the Peace Village is the Sacred Fire. A fire that is felt so deeply within, and the fire that we take with us when we leave -still burning. The Elder’s Gathering experience was very different and yet very much … Read More

Energy of transformation and awakening permeating everything and everyone

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From Rev. Richard — The days continue to blaze in the 90’s, while the nights provide some relief. The air remains dense with humidity, here in metro- Boston. No mistaking that many students are returning. Here — it’s part of this seasonal change. Another year of school in the city, increased commerce and much busy-ness. We breathe in the quiet, … Read More

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