Experience Tying Your Own Grandmother Elk Drum

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By Sheila & Magali

“It is time for us in this day for the need of prayer, to awaken the heartbeat of our Mother the Earth’s love.”

Illuminate your heartbeats into compassionate healing. Come and experience the awakening of your own Grandmother Elk Drum. May 18-20, 2018 at the Sunray Peace Village. Choose between a 14″, 15″ or 16″ elk skin and drum kit. To register, click here.


You are invited to experience the traditional making of this spiritual vessel. Awaken your own heartbeats into the experience of making your Grandmother Elk Drum.  Through meditation, connect to the spirit of the Elk. In the First Nations, the Elk will bring you closest to your stand on the Earth to awaken the voice of compassion for those that you pray for.  Imagine yourself becoming one with the Elk during the tying of your drum.  When you make your beater, and it touches the center of the heartbeat of your Grandmother Elk Drum, we are told that it will bring you to a place of complete illumination into the stairway of the seven sisters to the Creator’s world.


Sheila and Magali encourage you to come to this workshop, bringing the family together around the tying of the drum. It will encourages stability within the circle.

To register, click here.


About Sheila and Magali

Sheila is a traditional Mohawk woman of the Wolf Clan, and Magali is a traditional Tsa-la-gi of the Paint Clan, Hidden Bear.  During a fast, Sheila heard that she was to be a Peacekeeper and in the traditional household ways of the First Nations, she advised her husband Magali to follow her into the Peacekeeping journey.  For 7 years now, they have been in the cycle of the Peacekeeper teachings at the Peace Village.  A journey of love and illumination has awakened in them.  Community and compassion for all. Sheila and Magali wish for you to share with them in supporting the Peace Village.