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Without spiritual foundation there can be no society. Without spiritual practice confusion reigns. Even the softest prayer sends vibrations of prayer moving through the air, just as guitar strings stir the piano’s song. To call forth the voice and to sing in joy and harmony, to let the beauty flow in our hearts, is something all our elders have talked about.
– Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Voices of Our Ancestors


Sunray communities located across Canada, the United States and Europe hold weekly or monthly meditation where they engage in the basic sitting meditations of the Ywahoo lineage, including Basic Practice, Diamond Body Practice, Medicine Wheel Mandala, and the moving meditation, the Dance of the Four Directions. Following these practices, the circle engages in basic Tibetan Buddhist practices of chanting and prayer. The meditation circles conclude with passing the “Talking Stick” to invite participants to share their insights in creating a strong spiritual community.

Buddhist Prayers

The Guru Rinpoche prayer, the Heart Sutra and the Dedication of Merit are offered.

Moving Meditation

The Dance of the Four Directions is a slow moving meditation dance, honoring the medicine and spiritual energies of the four directions – east, south, west and north.

Sitting Meditationmeditation visualization

The Diamond Body practice and Medicine Wheel Mandala use the power of visualization and chanting to clarify the body’s seven energy systems.

Talking Stick

A talking stick is passed to each participant to share insights and words of gratitude from the heart.

—  To find a local group near you, see below.  —

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Adawee Temple, Lincoln, Vermont
Basic Practice offered at Sunray Peace Village, Thursdays 7:30 PM, led by Rev. David Walker. All are welcome. No experience required. Contact:

New York City
Basic Meditation Practice – Every other month. Contact: Kathleen McGovern
New Moon Dance of the Directions in Central Park. Contact: Sandy Sheridan
Weekly Basic Meditation Practice, Rockland County – Every Tuesday at 3:00 PM. Contact: Sandy Sheridan

Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts
Ywahoo Healing Circle​, Tuesday closest to the New Moon. Contact:
Full Moon Meditation and Dance​. Contact:

Bay Area, California
Sunray Meditation is led by Reverends Mary Kitchens and Kathryn Tomaeno. Contact:

Shasta Area, California
Weekly Sunray Meditation in Northern California, Siskiyou County, Mt. Shasta region. Contact:

Munich, Germany
Sunray Sunday School in Germany  Contact:

Dance of the Directions Group hosts events:

Sunray Saturday Practice – via Zoom Conference, online or by phone
Contact for connection information.


When we join our hearts in prayer, in singing, in sacred dancing, in planting things together, we are returning something to the Earth, planting seeds of good cause
– Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Voices of Our Ancestors