Annual Native American Elders Gathering

Dear Sunray Community and Friends,
The Elders Gathering this year [2018] was indeed joyous and amazing. We had the opportunity to experience the dance of transformation as one dear community left this world and moved to another realm, and the children who we invited–through prayer and sacred ceremony–to be born into this world also were present.

I wish to thank each person who brought so much energy to the actualization of the Gathering: the firekeepers, the Ministers who made prayers in the background; the Abenaki, Algonquin, Cherokee and Maya Mam Elders who brought teachings about sacred water, air and living in right relations; and our many volunteers, especially the Britton family who came prepared with loving hearts to manifest what is called for. We are very grateful for their skillful presence on so many levels.

Also, we were constantly reminded of beauty by the extraordinary flower arrangements donated by Anne and Ed from Flower Power. Other vendors in our surrounding community generously donated food and supplies for the Gathering. We are so grateful for these precious connections within our Vermont community.
The presence of the Mohawk singers (led by Bear Fox), family and clan members, and the special messages from Mohawk Elders was, for me, like a dream come true. The presence of the beautiful Fox, Jock and David families, and the secret heart medicine people of the Six Nations was indeed a wondrous gift.  As a younger person, it was voices of the Mohawk Elders that woke up many of us who were stepping away from our traditional patterns. We were very much moving in a busy world and neglecting our deep connection to the land and each other. It was through the voices of the White Roots of Peace and Elders of the Six Nations people that many Native Americans—especially those who lived in the North and Southeast—were inspired to restore their circles of relationship and joyful activity.
From Elder Doug Harris, we learned of the precious archaeological work undertaken by the Narragansett Indian Tribal Historic Preservation to locate in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions, research and historically preserve Native American cultural resources and landmarks. Preserving these cultural memories and ways of living is deeply beneficial to us all now and in the future.
The continued recognition of our spiritual interaction with Tibetan Buddhist communities was again energized through the presence of Venerable Lama Konchok Sonam.
Dr. Rudy Schild shared information about the ongoing realization of a shadow world or a field of energy in which all beings are connected. This world is the vibratory field that many Elders have understood for a millennia, and it is now being documented scientifically through the examination of mystical experiences where people have a sense of communication beyond space and time.
Dr. John Carlton-Foss, CEO, Strategic Energy Systems, spoke to us about the effect humanity is having upon Mother Earth and the environment, and the actions we need to embrace quickly to address climate changes. This message, too, was given to us long ago by our indigenous Elders around the world. They reminded us that it is critically important to act now to restore our right relationship with Mother Earth and all beings.

It is clear that our minds manifest what is arising. Thus, at my request, I invited Barbara Murphy-Warrington, Dr. Aziza Bey and Debra Horne-Bramble to lead a discussion on disassembling constructs of limitation through examining concepts and ideas of “dominion over another”. This is very important for the well-being of all and to energize understanding that we are all inter-related and can act in ways reflecting united heart.

As we recognize wisdom mind, we find it isn’t confined to any one culture, group or class.  As we sat and looked around the arbor within the Peace Village, we could see people of many nationalities and religious backgrounds, all understanding that we are a human family. Caring for the land and each other is a powerful education about our ability to manifest what is wisdom and life-force enhancing.
To all of the Elders Gathering focalizers, Sunray board members, local community volunteers, and especially those who came a great distance to do what needs doing, I send my waves of appreciation and may the generosity of heart be a sound resounding throughout the universe, revealing that we are the dreamers, we are awake, and we choose to energize loving kindness.

May we all trace our roots to the great truth.

Chief of the Green Mountain Ani Yun Wiwa, 27th generation Ywahoo lineage holder, Founder & Director of Sunray Meditation Society & Sunray Peace Village