Welcome to Sunray

We are an international spiritual organization dedicated to world peace and reconciliation. Our Peace Village is a sanctuary based upon the Cherokee Peace Villages.

Peacekeeper Teachings

Peacekeeper Teachings

Ancient Wisdom and Indigenous Healing Arts and Practice are brought together in training individuals to be Peacekeepers in their families, communities, and around the world. The training reminds each one of the wisdom seed within, the unlimited potential of an open heart and unified mind which recognizes the connection to all living things.

Elders Gathering


The annual Elders Gathering is a multicultural celebration where people of many nations come together to pray, share and study ways that contribute to positive transformation in the world. It also provides an opportunity to learn and experience ancient teachings, sacred songs and dance.

Buddhist Teachings

HH Chetsang Rinpoche and Ven. Dhyani

Sunray is acknowledged as a Dharma Center. Regular programs and retreats are offered.

The common thread of Vajrayana Buddhism and the Tsalagi way is compassion and the understanding that our thoughts, words and actions shape our experience.