Elders Gathering

July 27-29, 2018

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Annually, Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo and Sunray host the Elders Gathering at the Sunray Peace Village. Ven. Dhyani will be joined by Traditional Indigenous Elders, Tibetan Lamas, scientists and other teachers invited to the gathering by Ven. Dhyani to present on topics important to humanity and Mother Earth.

This event takes place on the last weekend of July. This non-profit, community event is hosted by Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, Spiritual Director of Sunray Meditation Society and 27th generation Lineage Holder of the Ywahoo lineage.

It is a multicultural celebration where people of many nations come together to pray, share and study ways that contribute to positive transformation in the world. Throughout the weekend, individuals have the opportunity to learn and experience ancient teachings, sacred songs and dance.

On Saturday evening, the Ywahoo Healing Ceremony is offered. In 1969, the Elders of the Ywahoo lineage and other Tsalagi Elders granted permission for this Healing Ceremony to be offered in ways that were appropriate for all people. This ceremony has continued to be offered each year to benefit the earth and change the destructive course of the past to one of healing. The ceremony is open to the public.


One only has to look at what is taking place on our planet to see that people are hungry to know what is available for all without dogma or exclusion, and with teachings of love and compassion. The sharing of the Native American Elders shows how we can live together in harmony and peace, that peace and love are not just words – they are powerful ways of being. The Elders show this through the way they live the teachings of old.

As the people who attend these teachings embrace some principles of the old teachings, it creates change within an individual’s way of being. It creates change in that person, their family, their small community and the larger community. I call that the “power of one.”

– Grandmother Patricia Downing DeAsis is a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. (Read the full article on Grandmother’s reflection in 2012 on what the Elders Gathering means)