34th Annual Native American Elders Gathering

July 27-29, 2018

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Join us at the Sunray Peace Village to learn and experience ancient teachings, sacred songs and dance that have kept people & planet in balance for millennia. The suggested donation is $75/day. Traditional offerings are welcome. You may camp here with your tent or stay at a local bed & breakfast. Local and organic meals can be orderd onsite. Please register soon so we can prepare the grounds.

To ask a question, contact us. For information about or ceremonial forms and etiquette, click here.



Friday July 27

Sunrise Ceremony in the Sacred Arbor and Moon Arbor

Traditional teachings, songs & dances around the Sacred Fire with Native American Elders from 10AM to 5PM including:

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, Chief of the Green Mountain Ani Yun Wiwa, 27th generation Ywahoo lineage holder, Founder & Director of Sunray Meditation Society & Sunray Peace Village
Elena Ixcot, Ajq’ij, Kamalbe traditional spiritual elder of the Regional Council of Ancestral Maya Authorities of Guatemala
Bear Fox (Kenkiohkoktha), award winning singer/songwriter combining english and Kanienkeha (the Mohawk Language).
Mike Bastine, an Algonquin elder & co-author of Iroquois Supernatural.
Tatjana Cady teaches Traditional Abenaki Women’s Medicine.
Doug Harris, Deputy Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Narragansett Indian Tribe
Dr. Aziza Bey, Professor at Lesley University specializing in critical pedagogy
DebRa Bramble (Amunet Maat Kheru), skilled dancer & facilitator
Tatjiana Cady, Abenaki women’s wisdom carrier
Dr. John Carlton-Foss, CEO, Strategic Energy Systems
Mike Jock, Mohawk Elder and original member of the White Roots of Peace
Rev. Meli Kitchens, women’s pow wow Drum Keeper & recording artist
Barbara Murphy-Warrington, strategic leadership consultant specializing in diversity strategies
Joseph Redcloud, certified storyteller thru the Cherokee Museum sharing Cherokee legends
Rudy Schild, Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysics professor sharing new astrophysical ideas out Black Holes, Wormholes, and Dark Energy


All night fire vigil.

The sharing of the Native American Elders shows how we can live together in harmony and peace, that peace and love are not just words – they are powerful ways of being. The Elders show this through the way they live the teachings of old.


Saturday, July 28: 

Sunrise Ceremony in the Sacred Arbor and Moon Arbor.

Teachings, music and dance around the Sacred Fire from 10AM to 5PM:

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, Founder of Sunray Meditation Society

John Carlton-Foss, a physicist, founder of Strategic Energy Systems and clean energy advocate.
Rudy Schild, astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics.

Barbara Murphy-Warrington, Principle Leadership Consultant at The MiraLite Group

Dr. Aziza Bey, retired Professor from Lesley University

DebRa Bramble, retired inventor

On Saturday, July 28 at sunset, the Ywahoo Healing Ceremony is offered to all. In 1969, the Elders of the Ywahoo lineage and other Tsalagi Elders granted permission for this Healing Ceremony to be offered in ways that were appropriate for all people. This ceremony has continued to be offered each year to benefit the earth and change the destructive course of the past to one of healing. The ceremony is open to the public.

All are welcome to sit vigil with the Sacred Fires through the night.

Sunday, July 29: 

Sunrise Ceremony in the Sacred Arbor and Moon Arbor.

Teachings, music and dance around the Sacred Fire from 10AM to 5PM.

The closing of the Sacred Fire at dusk.