Peacekeeper TeachingsPeacekeeper Teachings

The Peacekeeper Program, a foundational practice of the Tsalagi Ywahoo lineage, trains peacekeepers in personal and planetary transformation by learning to perceive the patterns of mind-emotion and how to bring forth peace in the hearts of the people and Mother Earth. The program is rooted in the timeless Native American spiritual wisdom of “caretaker mind” and living in “right relationship” within the circle of life. The program also offers the opportunity to align with one’s life purpose so that one may manifest one’s gifts in harmony with the planetary biosphere. Peacekeeper students come together from many different religious and spiritual paths to reflect upon, study and build skills in fulfilling their shared commitment to carry peace to their families, communities, and the world.

Four Fundamental Qualities of Mind

The Peacekeeper Program involves individual and group study, training and practice to develop four fundamental qualities of mind:

  1. Mindfulness: The ability to see things as they are, to be fully present in the moment, and to manifest right thought, right action.
  2. Peacekeeper Consciousness: Recognition of one’s responsibility and power to manifest peace through right relationship with all the family of life.
  3. Caretaker Mind: Awareness of one’s privilege and duty to serve as a caretaker of this planet, honoring Mother Earth as a living being and sowing seeds of abundance and harmony unto seven generations.
  4. Continuity of Mind: Understanding cause and effect in determining the quality of one’s life, death and future lives, and in shaping the karma of groups, nations and the planet.

Course Overview

The full cycle of Peacekeeper teachings is offered over a 7-year period. There are two semesters in each year, offered during the spring and autumn. Video recordings of past classes are available. Both in-person and on-line classes are held in each semester. Students may enroll in all classes, some classes, or just one class. Each class stands alone.