Welcome to our Sacred Home

sacred fire

“Through the sacred fire in our hearts we are never apart from the Peace Village

home-fires of the Ywahoo way.”

Sunray Peace Village Land Trust is located at Odali Utugi (Hope Mountain), also know as Mount Abraham, in the Green Mountains in Lincoln, Vermont. It is the home of the Green Mountain Ani Yun Wiwa and Sunray Meditation Society. The Sunray Peace Village, created in 1987, is modeled after traditional Tsalagi peace villages that are sanctuaries for spiritual renewal and planetary healing. The sacred arbor was built in 1987, and the Sunray community and the first ceremonies were held in August of that year.

In 1995, the Sunray Peace Village was incorporated as a Land Trust, holding this sacred land in perpetuity, ensuring that this would continue to be a place of prayer and sacred ceremony. The Land Trust was also recognized in 1996 by the IRS as a 501(c)3 charitable religious organization. In 2016, it was recognized as a church auxiliary of Sunray Meditation Society.

Today, the Peace Village is an internationally recognized center for Ceremony, Spiritual Teachings and Retreats. As a private sacred sanctuary of Sunray Meditation Society, the Peace Village is open to individuals and families who are attending Sunray-sponsored programs. Camping is available only to individuals and families who are pre-registered and approved in advance for camping.

Over the years, many spiritual Elders, Buddhist and other Spiritual Teachers have visited to make prayers and offer teachings. Many sacred sites have been developed on the land, creating a place of peace.

walking path and trees
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This is a powerful place geographically. The water originating in Odali Utugi (Mount Abraham) flows in every direction, north, east, south, and west. Prayers made here may likewise flow in every direction, and we can directly impact the energy of the environment through our prayerful activities.