Peace Village Activities

The purpose of the Sunray Peace Village Land Trust (SPVLT) is to:

  1. Preserve into perpetuity the Peace Village as a sacred space where people may pray, make offerings, hold ceremonies, receive teachings, and create community to further the purposes of Sunray Meditation Society;
  2. Provide a stable land base for the seasonal ceremonial cycle of Sunray Mediation Society; and
  3. Build harmony and sacred relationship with the land elements, beings, and ancestors of the Peace Village in all aspects of activity on the land, including the creation of buildings and the raising of food and medicinal plants.

Over the years, these purposes have manifested as a Ceremonial, Teaching and Spiritual Retreat Center.

Sunray students are central to the provision of activities at the Sunray Peace Village. With specialized training and supervision by Venerable Dhyani and Sunray ministers, prayers are made, the Ceremonial cycle is maintained, and Sacred Teachings are offered. Volunteers are central to our summer operation, and report that their experience is life changing!

Future plans for the Peace Village include the expansion of the Burial Mound; the building of a year-round community hall (longhouse) with classrooms, dining area and archival library; and Buddhist retreat space.

aerial view of arbor

In this moment we energize the appearances of tomorrow and transform the past.
– Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Wisdom Streams from the Sky