Ceremonial Cycle

These New Moon Ceremonies honor the traditional Tsalagi 12-month planting cycle and are generally held on the Sunday closest to the new moon of each month at the Sunray Peace Village. During each New Moon Ceremony, a Sacred Fire is lit in the Arbor. Community members gather and offer prayers and the Sunray practices of dance, traditional songs, drumming and meditations are led by Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo and Sunray Ministers or Teachers. The ceremony starts at 9 AM, and all of good heart are welcome.


Ceremony is essential for survival. Our lives depend upon it. I was taught that ceremonies are part of the circle of life and that we each have a spiritual responsibility to contribute to the cycles of creation. Our thoughts, words, and actions contribute to the state of our communities, families, planet and universe. Prayers spoken were and are those of thanksgiving and appreciation
– Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Learning Cherokee Ways




JANUARY (16) 14 : Cold Moon
Full Moon: 1st & 31st

FEBRUARY (15) 18 : Losar (16th)
Full Moon: None

* MARCH (17) 18 : Friends Making New
Full Moon: 1st & 31st

APRIL 15 : Blessing of the Seeds
Full Moon: 29th

MAY (15) 13 : Planting Ceremony
Full Moon: 29th

JUNE (13) 10 : Late Planting Ceremony
Full Moon: 28th

JULY (12) 15 : Green Corn
Full Moon: 27th

AUGUST (11) 12 : Ripe Corn
Full Moon: 26th

SEPTEMBER 9 : New Moon Fire
Full Moon: 24th

OCTOBER (8) 7 : Harvest
Full Moon: 24

NOVEMBER (7) 4: Trading Moon Fire
Full Moon: 23rd

DECEMBER (7) 9 : New Moon Fire
Full Moon: 22nd

Dates in parentheses are New Moon dates; those not in parentheses are event dates – e.g., January 16 is the date of the New Moon, Ceremony is on January 14.

* VERNAL EQUINOX: March 20/ 12:15 PM
SUMMER SOLSTICE: June 21 /12:24 AM
AUTUMNAL EQUINOX: Sept. 22 / 4:01 AM
WINTER SOLSTICE: Dec. 21 / 11:27 AM

*. Celebrated with corresponding New Moon Fire
NEW MOON FIRES / Sundays, 9 AM

Our Sacred Home

Through the Seasons



All welcome to join in this Ceremonial cycle as community celebrates the traditions of the Ywahoo Lineage of the Wild Potato Clan of the Etowah Band of Eastern Tsalagi Nation, under the guidance of Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo.