Time Travel

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Group Photo, Madrid
Boca Raton Reunion

A little Sunray Meditation time travel……

First photo 1991, Madrid Spain- from Left to right, Rev. Margie Joy Walden, Geraldine Lewis, Queen Sofia, Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Marysol Gonzalez.

Second photo-2015, Boca Raton, Florida- from Left to right, Geraldine Lewis, Rev. Margie Joy Walden. 24 years later, a reunion in Boca Raton, FL arranged by the Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo.

In 1991, Ven Dhyani Ywahoo and Rev. Margie Joy travelled to Madrid. Geraldine Lewis and Marysol Gonzalez arranged a meeting between Venerable and Queen Sofia to discuss indigenous peoples perspective on was was to be the upcoming Quinto Centenario. The discussions were very effective and important language was changed that acknowledged the indigenous perspective. This year, Geraldine Lewis has moved from Spain back to the USA and settled in Boca Raton. Rev. Margie Joy, now living in FL, was invited to contact Geraldine and welcome her home. We had a wonderful luncheon and a chance to fondly reminisce. The work of peace and healing for all continues…………………………….

All the best,

Margie Joy Walden