Do you know what you’re thankful for?

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full moon over waterDear community of explorers:

Thanksgiving is a holiday in the U.S. which is often attributed to the Wôpanâak’s greeting and offering food and methods of survival to those who came on the Mayflower. What they shared was compassion towards visitors to their territory. Skillful compassion is an ongoing lesson for the entire human family.


For some, the idea of Thanksgiving can be an opportunity to recognize the benefits we’ve each received. In a world expressing limitation, the heart perceives and appreciates benefits received. During this season of the late harvest, consider what you have learned from your relationships and how are you enriching and enriched by your walk with your family, friends, and co-workers. Co-operation is an antidote for the paradigm of limitation. Observe what you appreciate in relationships with your, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

You are sustained by the Earth, the environment and that you are part of a stream of blessings. Understanding the power of vision is to recognize that our words and thoughts shape what is arising. The wisdom of our ancestors is recorded in our DNA—the stresses they experienced and how they overcame them is a memory, and a skill set carried within. Our transformation of fear, anger, subtle manipulation of thoughts, and ignorance clears the field of obscurations for present and future generations.

Our minds are like a garden; it is wise to pull weeds of anger, anxiety, seeing others as an enemy or less valuable as such thought forms can blind one to the awareness of the abundance that is present.

Appreciation is a powerful medicine. For some, gratitude may be obscured by the experience of emotional pain, blaming the other, or having been wronged.

It has become apparent the inappropriate activities of some around gender, race, age, nationality and differing beliefs summons each one of us to become the best human that we may be.

The human collective is awakening to the realization that we are all interconnected and where there is the concept of power over, it can be a weed obscuring the potential of a healthy community, healthy society. Transformation of ignorance begins with each of us being appreciative of the opportunity to express our aspirations of the awakened community, seeing beyond the clouds of obscuration. Now is the time to peer behind the curtain of concepts of hypnotic view of the “other,” to perceive clearly the interdependence of all beings.

So what are you thankful for and how do you share it?

I am grateful for the voices that invite transformation of aggression into skillful methods of reconciliation and cooperation. The healers who understand the mind-body connection between thoughts and emotions and apply antidotes are gifts to all.

Family and community are gifts unending as we manifest our aspirations to support and actualize the ideals we choose to demonstrate. Through meditation, wisdom potential becomes apparent as reactive states become transparent and luminous energy reveals clear pathways of resolution.

I am grateful for the Sunray community members and Councils that manifest a frame in which understanding grows. Grateful to the indigenous elders who continue to share their wisdom as practical methods to walk with harmony in the world.

I am grateful that I can speak with and advise many who are leaders in their fields around the world and appreciate this opportunity to energize harmonic resolutions to what may appear as dissonance. I appreciate the ministers of our community and other communities with whom I have conversations regarding their work to liberate wisdom often hidden like a pearl within the individual and community’s sense of struggle toward equilibrium.

Having the opportunity to investigate the nature of community within groups around the world is joyous. Meeting with scientists and physicists examining the patterns of forms arising, I seek to continue to bridge the understanding of the mystic with documentation of mind’s influence upon the results arising.

Appreciation and generosity are a stream nurturing the wisdom potential in each person and situation. During this season, let us each remember those who are hungry and lost, and let us offer solutions. Prayers and water offerings giving thanks for our journey and offering waters to wash and nurture the seed of awakened skillful action are gifts indeed!

Ven Dhyani Ywahoo