Water is Consciousness

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On March 22, 2018, Sunray Meditation joined with communities, individuals and the United Nations to observe the Global Water Day.

From the Sunray Peace Village, Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo offered words of wisdom regarding humanity’s inter-relationship with water, reminding us that Water is consciousness.  She shared that our thoughts, words and deeds affect Water—-where we see droughts, not enough or too much Water, consider what are we manifesting through our thoughts, words and deeds.

Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo then offered a Water meditation and prayer we can do on a daily basis to be in right relationship with Water.  All of us can connect to the elements and with gratitude, we can support clean water for all. We invite you to explore the Earth’s water Challenges, receive Inspiration or go right to the Action page to see what you can do.

Visit our new website: www.sunray.org/ngo/water-is-life


Indigenous Elders’ Water Wisdom:

photo: Aaron Burden, Unsplash

Water is Life: ”Water is what sustains us. Water is what brings us into this world, and water is what keeps us in this physical world. And so it’s our life.”Elder Janice Longboat, Mohawk, Six Nations, Ontario

Water is Sentient, Water Forms Relationships: “There’s that feeling of sensing Mother Earth. There’s times when I stand by the water, and I can feel the pulsing, the pulsing of the water standing by the shore. I can feel that connection myself with the water.”—Elder Josephine Mandamin, Ojibway, Lake Superior, Ontario

Water Can Heal: “Water will agree to help you with anything you ask of it.”—Elder Ellen White, Coast Salish, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Reciprocity, Responsibilities, Hope:  “We’ve known for a long time that water is alive. Water can hear you. Water can sense what you are saying and what you are feeling. There’s been a place where I put tobacco in the water, where the water is so still. It was dead. I prayed for it. I put my tobacco in the water and my tobacco started floating around. So the water came alive. It heard my prayers. It heard the song. So I know it listens, and it can come alive if you pay attention to it. Give it respect and it can come alive. Like anything. Like a person who is sick… if you give them love, take care of them, they’ll come alive. They’ll feel better. It’s the same with our mother, the earth, and the water. Give it love.”—Elder Josephine Mandamin, Ojibway, Lake Superior, Ontario